After purchasing Elphaware or obtaining it through one of our distribution partners, you should receive an email with download links. To get started with Elphaware:

  1. Download the appropriate installer for your operating system (Windows or Mac OS).
  2. Double-click or run the installer. If your browser or operating system state that the installer is not trustworthy, please verify that the installer is published by Elpha Secure Technology Inc. before proceeding.
  3. Accept the license agreement and click through the installer.
  4. A system message should pop-up saying Elphaware is successfully running. Typically, you can dismiss the message by clicking on it.
  5. Congratulations! Your system is now being defended by Elphaware. You can open Elphaware for further configuration through the system tray.
  6. Follow these steps to set up your encrypted backups (strongly recommended).
  7. Follow these steps to enable 2FA and remotely log into your computer.
  8. Follow these steps to connect your computer to a secured VPN.
  9. Set up your Elphaware Portal account if you have not already. The link to your Elphaware Portal is visible in the main page of Elphaware.

Elphaware will start automatically each time you reboot your computer, and will display the same message indicating it is successfully running. This is just to inform you that the software is still present and operating.

What if my browser/operating system claim that the Elphaware installer is not trustworthy?

Please verify that the installer is published by Elpha Secure Technology Inc. If so, that means the installer was generated and cryptographically signed by us. Hence, as long as the publisher is as expected, it should be safe to install Elphaware.

After installation, I don't see a message saying Elphaware is running.

On Windows, system messages typically appear in the lower-right corner of your screen, but in some configurations system notifications need to be opened separately. Please look up how to open system tray notifications for your Windows version.

Even if this message does not appear, you can click on the Elpha Secure icon in your system tray, if it is visible. As long as this opens and displays a license key, Elphaware is installed successfully on your system. Please contact us if you cannot find the icon or if the installation appears to have not succeeded.