In order to restore your backed-up data you must log in to the portal and find your machine on the devices page.

1. After finding the appropriate device, click on the Request Backup button.

2. You can then request either a full backup (all versions of every backed-up file) or a most recent versions.

3. Once the backup restore is complete you can download the zip-file provided in the window. If you still have access to your Elphaware software then you simply have to unzip and extract the documents, go to the Restore from backup button in the Backup tab of Elphaware and provide the directory that came from unzipping the file.  Elphaware will then decrypt the data and place it in the same directory as your extracted folder.

What if my Elphaware was destroyed?

If you have been attacked by ransomware then it's possible your whole machine has been compromised and you do not have access to your Elphaware software. If this is the case, in order to restore your backed-up files you must reinstall Elphaware on a different machine.  Once you have installed the software and downloaded the zip-file from the portal (see above) you need to obtain the backup-key that you saved from your original software.  Once you have your original backup key, you also need to copy the backup key from the backup-restore window in the portal.

With these two keys you can go to the backup tab in the newly installed Elphaware software, click on the Restore from backup button, and choose the option to use saved recovery key.

You must replace the local key with the saved key from the original Elphaware installation. You must replace this key even though one is provided in the new software installation. You also need to provide the Elpha Secure key that you copied from the portal. Once both fields are filled in, click Decrypt folder and follow the steps above.