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One-click cybersecurity software meets straightforward cyber insurance for businesses.

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Growing businesses choose Elpha Secure

We Secure Businesses of All Sizes

No business is the same, no cyber insurance policy should be either.  Our broad coverage options are built to scale to every industry. Our priority is keeping your assets, data and employees safe.

Cyber Protection for Your Business Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Cyber Insurance That Just Makes Sense

Rest easy knowing we have you covered during and after a cyber threat. Our proactive risk mitigation approach to cyber insurance allows us to keep our policies affordable.

Improve Security Posture Automagically

Our easy-to-install cyber security platform identifies risks, provides intelligent insights, and gives your business peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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We Secure Businesses of All Sizes

No business is the same – no cyber protection should be either.  Our coverage options are built to meet the needs of every industry. Our priority is to keep your assets, data, and employees safe.

Cyber Insurance for Every Industry

Our best-in-class cybersecurity platform accommodates even the most industry-specific needs.  From real estate to retail to manufacturing, we cover it all.

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manufacturing cybersecurity business insurance
manufacturing cybersecurity business insurance

You're Protected Before, After & During a Cyber Breach

Our cyber platform detects and mitigates threats in real time, preventing claims before they ever happen. In the event of a cyber incident, we've got you covered financially, technically, and personally.

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Cyber Protection For Business

Redefining Cyber Insurance

We keep our policy costs low by stopping breaches before they ever happen. Imagine that: insurance that actively works for you.

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Continuous Threat Monitoring

Our easy-to-install software monitors your security, alerting you to threats before monetary assets can be stolen, systems damaged, or employees harmed.

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Scalable & Affordable Insurance

We're the only cyber insurance you'll ever need. We offer affordable comprehensive policies that adapt to your changing needs from start-up to enterprise.

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On-Demand Data Backup & Restoration

Cyber threats are unpredictable; when a criminal does strike, we provide nearly instantaneous backup data restoration to minimize downtime.

Together We'll Keep Your Business Secure From Cyber Criminals

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