An evolved approach to an evolving problem

We aim to mount the most effective defense against cyber crime for every business — today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

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Cyber risk is everywhere, but cyber protection is lopsided. Small businesses haven’t had access to the same cybersecurity tactics as large corporations, yet they face the same threats. 

What’s more, it’s difficult to qualify for cyber insurance today without good cyber hygiene. And if the recent uptick in cyber crime is any indication, cyber insurance is no longer a luxury — it’s a must-have. 

Our Objective

What’s the big idea?

Seatbelts in cars changed the way we approach auto insurance. Sprinklers in buildings reformed commercial property insurance.

Elpha Secure is doing the same for cyber insurance: protecting people from the start so there’s less chance of an incident down the road.

Business owner combining cyber insurance and cybersecurity
Preetam and Gordon, the leaders of Elpha Secure

Our Founders

Meet Preetam and Gordon

With Preetam’s cybersecurity background and Gordon’s insurance experience, they created a new type of product to streamline cyber protection. 

A PhD in machine learning and cybersecurity principles

Preetam built on his BS from Yale University with a PhD from Columbia University. His thesis on Machine learning-based user modelling for enterprise security and privacy risk mitigation would become a catalyst for Elpha Secure's unique cyber strategy. 

And 17 years of experience investing in global P&C insurance markets

Gordon amassed nearly two decades of experience as an insurance-only investor on the buy side. Previously serving as portfolio manager for Point72 and for Citadel, Gordon brings a wealth of industry wisdom and insight to Elpha Secure.

Our founders married their tech and insurance expertise to create a single, powerful solution: one product, one point of contact, one price. That’s one enormous advantage. 

Our Advantage

Progressive tech and embedded cyber coverage
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Fine-tuned features

Data backups are crucial for ransomware recovery, but they need to be restored swiftly to be useful. It can be tough to get the right configuration; this is where we shine. 

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Streamlined process

Single-click installation, a full suite of features, and a straightforward policy (with no hidden fees) keeps you safe and in control. No extra steps and full transparency.

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Ready for the future

Our telemetry tool helps us stay a step ahead of threat actors to defend against today’s attacks and prepare for the next generation of cyber threats. 

Our Investors

Working with leaders in the space

We're grateful for the support of our investors and their affiliates as we bring our product to market.

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Cyber Protection, Ensured

Insurance fused with security software for a complete defense.

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